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I’m Neil Schwartz, PopBuysHomes.com

Neil Schwartz

I’m also a Father of two Sons, a Husband, and many other things, depending on who you ask. For now, I’m a Pop who buys homes.

If you are ready to move on, scale down, or just want to get out from carrying the financial the burden, we can help. We collaborate and come up with a plan or framework that helps you sell your home.


I have bought and sold over 9 homes in 6 States over the past 30 years. My interest in Real Estate began as a teenager when I worked for my Pop’s Real Estate Brokerage, Sullivan County Realty.

We know and understand the business of Real Estate. We also have a large network of people in the Real Estate industry which helps us get things done quickly. popbuyshomes.com would like to have a conversation to discuss your needs.

Pop and sons